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If you are an operating retail business with tax licenses in your state, you can apply for an account at Country Bathhouse Wholesale! We love our wholesale customers and are are very excited to start working with you.

Becoming a wholesale buyer with us is easy. Get your application approved quickly by following these easy steps:

1. Visit to create an account and start your application process.

You will not be able to see the site or purchase from us until the application process is completed and your account is approved. Name, Business Name, and email is all you need to get started.


2. Send us the documents we need to complete your registration:

Please send a copy of your Certificate of Exemption and/or any documents required by the state in which your business has Nexus. PDF copies are preferred, but clear photographs will also suffice. Please email to for prompt processing, or reply to this email for regular processing. Contact us if you are not sure what you need to send.

Applications left incomplete for 30 days will be considered abandoned and be deleted from our system. If you return at a later date ready to join forces with us and find that your account has been deleted, simply repeat the step of creating a new account.

Why do we need your business tax licensing information?
As wholesalers, we are responsible by law to keep these documents on file for any business with which we are actively conducting business. You can read an informative article from Avalara here.

3. Get familiar with our business practices:

MOQ: $100
Shipping: Free on purchases of $300 or more.
Accepted Forms of Payment: PayPal (account or credit cards processing), Shopify Payments (credit card processing) and Sezzle (installments).
Terms: Please contact us about terms inquiries.
Online Orders: Login to make purchases and order merchandising packages. Your Account page keeps track of your purchasing history.
Phone/Text/Messenger orders: Contact one of our representatives and we will send a Draft Invoice to your email that you can use to make payment. Draft Invoices track order history into your Account the same as if you made an online purchase.
Marketing: Opt-In. Our monthly or bi-monthly newsletter contains information about new products, specials, and updates.
Surveys: On occasion, we will attach surveys inside our newsletters or within the website itself. You may experience in-site surveys even if you do not opt into marketing.

4. Receive confirmation of your approval:

Whether it's via email, messenger, phone, or text; once we have approved your application we will grant you access to the website. At that time, you can immediately log in to the site or contact a representative and start making purchases. Thank you again for your interest in Country Bathhouse Wholesale!


This article at Avalara explains Nexus and lists the cost for obtaining a sales tax permit, state by state. Click Here.

This article at Taxjar has links to obtain or verify resale documents for 46 states. Click Here.


Country Bathhouse was started in 2016 when my husband and I noticed that many bath products we wanted to use with our three little ones had chemicals we found unnecessary or harsh. There started a modest quest to create quality bath products with minimal ingredients for our family. We soon found that making bath products was a new love for us so we started creating and perfecting our own unique items using only the highest quality, minimal ingredients. We realized that we wanted to share our products with others but also felt that we should be able to deliver higher quality at a lower cost. Country Bathhouse products are the result of those modest endeavors. Our joy in life is selling honest, high-quality products that anyone can afford, handmade here in Minnesota amid the noises and daily duties of the three little ones that helped inspire it all.


Josh & Brianna Marie Farrell