5 oz. | Our Glycerine and Organic Goats Milk Loofah soaps have the unique brightness of glycerine, plus the softening and moisturizing qualities of organic goats milk! The organic loofah inside that will exfoliate your skin and keep it baby smooth.

Our Summer Flower bar comes in Fruit Loops scent, which smells exactly like the popular cereal, or Pain Relief essential oil blend, which utilizes clove, palmarosa, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint to aid in relieving body aches and pains.

Wet Glycerine and Goats Milk Loofah Soap bar. Rub between hands or on an area of your body. Rinse.

Ingredients: Organic goats milk, Organic glycerine soap base, Organic loofah, FDA Cert color, Pure essential oils or Pure fragrance.